Seinfeld Stand Up Comedy

Seinfeld Stand Up Comedy: Youtube videos of his HBO Debut – 1981 and his “I’m Telling You for the Last Time” – 1997. Quality material… even after all these years.

Why is the cup on the floor?


As seen on a billboard in Sydney. How stupid is this advertising billboard? Why would you put the focus on the floor beside a shoe? This concept is plain dumb.

Jump Start This Blog

The Original Blog Marco Template

So, let's jump start this blog! This blog has been sitting in the background idle and I think it's about time to unwrap it from storage and get it started once again. This blog used to be host of all my old thoughts, quotes, lessons and a … [Continue reading]

How Is Volcom and Quick Silver Doing in the Stock Market?

Todd Bratrud x Volcom x Street Machine Image by milom Vernissage des Lizards Girls de Todd Bratrud pour la "Artist Collection 08" de Volcom chez Street Machine Paris. La suite sur Question by animepunk16: How Is Volcom … [Continue reading]

Worst Performers S&P ASX 200

Worst Performers on the S&P ASX 00 companies this week. These stocks decreased their share price by the largest percentage on the Australian sharemarket, the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) from the previous week of trading (2nd week: 10th … [Continue reading]

What do you think of this bag?

Plaza Too Interior West Village Image by coutorture New York City -- Adding a ninth location to their growing group of shoe and accessory boutiques, Plaza Too will open the doors of their newest store in early September at 571 Hudson Street, in the … [Continue reading]