Nando's Nude Pole Dancing Advertisement

I would have to say the Nando's nude pole dancing advertisement airing on Free-to-Air TV and cinemas this week has gone viral. It has had TV spots in prime time current affairs TV programs as well as numerous blogs and even a Boycott Nandos page - which I think is a bit of an overreaction. Move with the times buddy! The Advertising Bureau (look under June 2007) dismissed all 200+ complaints and allowed the ad to continue to air. Personally I thought the ad was quite smart and it really did catch my attention. I was watching South Park last Monday when the ad aired. I was wondering what the hell they were selling until I saw the Nando's brand... I do think the company has made a mistake in the style of advertisement... I would not have matched the image and branding of Nando's to such an advertisement. I will continue to eat at Nando's - but only because I like the taste of their food and not for the advertisement.

The Nando's Nude pole dancing advertisement features a "Nando's Fix Gum" and was made by CHE Melbourne for Nandos; The writer of the advertisement was Richard Ralphsmith and was directed by Damon Escott and Stephen Lance working for the production company The Guild under producer Leanne Tonkes. It features a working Mum going to "work" in a business suit, then turning out to be a stripper having to wear a Nicotine patch on her bum so she doesn't get a tip. The model is wearing nothing but a g-string. Then with the Nando-fix gum she doesn't need the patch and her bum is patch free... the man gives her a tip. Next scene was the stripper with her family, her husband, son and daughter eating at Nandos... hmmm...

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Nando's Nude Pole Dancing Advertisement

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