Desperately Need To Back Up Files - USB Ports Failed

So last Monday I needed to desperately backup my files as a result of all the USB ports failing. So I couldn't plug in any USB external hard drives. The other ways I can save files for backup is by sending the most critical ones by email to myself. (Or save them on some Internet Hard drive) The only other ways were to buy a PCMCIA card for USB and there is a final creative way is to use a LAN between two computers and transfer files using shared folders. The internet method is tedious and slow. Even with a fast connection. I didn't want to buy anything new, let alone wait for any eBay orders to come through so the card was out. I had an Ethernet cable - well you actually need two for this since you need a crossover bit where you crossover the transmission and receiver wires. You can find out more information about this stuff here: about sharing files, here is the best site I can find about setting up two computers in a LAN, and here some other info about shareing folders.

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Desperately Need To Back Up Files - USB Ports Failed

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