Ron Moore and Battlestar Galactica

Ron Moore, the executive producer of Battlestar Galactica, spoke to a USC class, COMM 426, "Religion, Media and Hollywood" on February 28, 2007. Youtube: Ron Moore on Religion and Battlestar Galactica (Parts 1 and 2)

Ron Moore's Interview with Alan Sepinwall:The Star-Ledger

Katie Holmes Lost 20 Years in 2 Years

What do you think? Ever since Katie has been married with Tom Cruise she has just aged so much... (The blurb from the Youtube video reads: "Scientology and her deal with the devil (Tom Cruise) have sucked the life out of Katie Holmes."

Just when you were fretting Katie Holmes's apparently horrible life couldn't get much worse comes news she is teetering on the brink of total physical and mental disintegration. And who is surprised?

"Katie's tragic decline: how life with Tom has ruined her looks" is NW's attempt at fresh celebrity news this week and features images comparing Holmes now and two years ago. And yes, the woman is a troll now.

Who is the New Dr Who Replacing David Tennant?

On 29 October 2008, David Tennant announced he was leaving Doctor Who after the 4 specials in 2009. Matt Smith has been cast in the role of the Doctor in the iconic BBC series Doctor Who. Smith will be the 11th Time Lord and will take over from David Tennant who leaves at the end of 2009. He will be seen in the forthcoming fifth series that will be broadcast in 2010.

Sexy Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco Wallpaper
Kaley Cuoco Wallpaper

Kaley Cuoco or Kaley Christine Cuoco was born November 30, 1985 in Camarillo, California, to Gary Carmine Cuoco, an Oxnard, California realtor, and Layne Ann Wingate, a homemaker. She has a younger sister named Briana. She was schooled on the set and earned her high school diploma at the age of 16. She had many pets, including a Jack Russell Terrier named Raquel.

How tall is Kaley Cuoco? 5'6.5" or 1.69 m. Her last name, Cuoco, translates to "cook" in Italian. Ranked as #78 in FHM's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005" special supplement (2005).

Cuoco began modeling and acting at age 6. Her first major role was in the 1992 TV movie Quicksand: No Escape. Her role as Maureen McCormick in the 2000 TV movie Growing Up Brady brought her much attention, as well as a role on the CBS sitcom Ladies Man.

Kaley Cuoco is best known for her roles in ABC sitcom 8 Simple Rules as Bridget Hennessy, and as Penny on the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory with Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons.

Kaley Cuoco in Bikini
Kaley Cuoco in Bikini from Men's Health

Click "Read More" to view more photos of Kaley...

The Art of Stacking Bricks on Head

Yet another Youtube video you've gotta watch. This one reveals the art of efficient brick stacking on one's head. The man who is on a boat (I think he's Indian) stacks twenty (20) bricks on his head, drops one in the process. Once he finishes stacking bricks he steps up and walks across a plank. Simply an amazing example of human ingenuity.

How to Avoid Getting Caught Using Torrents

So how do you avoid getting caught using torrents (bittorrent, uTorrent, Gnutella, Kazaa) or other peer-to-peer network?

Easy. Don't download copyrighted materials.

If you still want to download your share of "stuff" there are alternatives...
- Try Anonymous proxies (hiding your real IP address)
- Don't use public trackers
- Use Usenet
- Use IRC Networks
- Use web-based filesharing networks like and (just do a google search for "" + "title" for the stuff you are trying to find.

How do People Get Caught Using Torrents?

People get caught because their IP addresses (unique numbers allocated to every computer connected to the internet) are recorded while they are connected to file sharing peer-to-peer torrent networks. They track down your IP, contact your ISP and then contact you. Last year they were caught uploading fake torrents.

Art Monthly Australia Scandal

Last weekend, news of this "nude photos of a kid in a magazine" scandal surfaced. Magazine was called "Art Monthly Australia". The editor responsible for the magazine is Maurice O'Riordan... was he just trying to get free publicity by causing yet another scandal? Selling more magazines? Or was he honestly acting for the art community, trying to continue a debate that just occurred a bit over a month ago with the whole Bill Henson photography scandal. The photo depicted on the magazine cover is of a 6 year old - a model, Olympia Nelson who is now 11 years old and who says that ""I think that the picture my mum took of me had nothing to do with being abused, and I think nudity can be a part of art. I'm really, really offended by what Kevin Rudd had to say about this picture." It is also reported that the actual magazine contained photos of oral sex by an octopus, bondage images, including one of a Japanese schoolgirl in school uniform trussed up in rope while another image shows an adult woman also trussed up, with breasts and genitals exposed, according to Ms Tankard Reist, director of Women's Forum Australia. Art is a very funny business...

What is the Minimum Wage in Australia?

You may be wondering what is the minimum wage in Australia: This week, the Fair Pay Commission raised the federal minimum wage in Australia by $21.66 a week, which calculates to $14.31 per hour and the weekly rate to $543.78 (compared to the previous minimum of $13.74 last year or $522.12 per week). This minimum pay scheme in Australia starts from October 2008.

Funny Jessica Alba Video

Here's a funny video of Jessica Alba. It's a YouTube video of our sexy Jessica Alba acting as Jessica Simpson on a Newlyweds parody/spoof on comedy show MAD TV. Enjoy her video!

Softcore Porn Music Videos

A song with a mathing softcore porn music video: Alex Gaudino Ft Shena with a dance song called: Watch Out. Okay, we've featured the all time sexiest music videos (also here and here). We also had a list of controversial music videos. Today we are looking at another sexy music video by dance music master Italian DJ Alex Gaudino (of Destination Calabria fame). Obviously the video is referencing the World Cup but with sexy dancing girls in their bikinis and panties, what are you supposed to be thinking? Find the youtube music video and screencaps below.

Internet Marketing Jobs

I'm still on the lookout for jobs... from photography jobs to employment in the internet marketing industry. I was looking through and I sound a few jobs relating to employment with the Internet Marketing industry. Interesting to see a varied range of renumeration packages. One job offers $500-$600 per day?! for a three month contract. Another for an online marketing assistant offers only a $30,000 per annum salary. While another for a higher internet marketing job position called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Manager offering $50 - $70k per annum. Check them out:

Warning! Scam PayPal Email

Don't get caught by this scam PayPal email... it looks VERY convincing...


Reconfirm your bank account

Your bank account attached to your PayPal account has expired. You need to reconfirm your bank account in order for you to be able to use your PayPal account like before.

To reconfirm your bank account attached to your PayPal account you need to make 2 small deposits of 15.12 EUR and 21.25 EUR into the bank account of the PayPal agent in charge with your account security management. As soon as the deposits are confirmed into the bank account of the PayPal agent in charge with your account security management the funds will be returned into your bank account.
Confirmation of your bank account takes 3-5 days.

The details needed for the deposits are:

Amount to deposit: 15.12 EUR and 21.25 EUR
PayPal agent name: Liviu Rupa
Bank name: Caja Laboral
Bank address: Perez Galdos
IBAN: ES5930350250472500014927

Prank Calls (Again)

I did a post in the past with quite a few funny prank calls and here is another one to add to the list...

This funny prank call video is from the early 90's from public access TV in New York. This guy keeps a straight face while being steadily receiving prank calls for over five minutes and trying to talk seriously about gun ownership. He keeps up a one sided conversation all the while. Hilarious.

Philippine Food Festival Sydney

Philippine Food Festival Sydney First Dish
Philippine Food Festival was CRAP. Rating at a 5 out of 10 (maybe even a 4 out of ten). Around 100 people turned up. This Filipino Food festival wasn't great. The food was bland, dry and very mild in taste. Here's what the flyer claimed the meal was to be: "Enjoy tantalising South East Asian cuisine rich in exotic flavours, specially created by Michel Le Teuff, who will be our guest Executive Chef for this Festival. Chef Le Teuff joins us from the prestigious Travel Cafe Philippines, Makati City. Luscious dishes bursting with flavour will bring the essence of the Philippines to the Grace Brasserie." So where is the "tantilising" tastes we were promised Chef Le Teuff? Where are the "exotic flavours" and luscious dishes?

At AUD$45 a head at this buffet meal we were expecting much more from an international imported chef. I wasn't even "full" (busog). Compare this with a really tasty meal at Dampa in Paranaque (which is just a stone's throw away from the international airport). We were able to feed three people there for only $40. Or how about the masarap (tasty) lechon from cebu?. Hell we fed 5 people for only AUD$15 and we were soooo full then. Perhaps we should have just ate at one of my usual restaurants near UTS or just venture to Newtown for some exotic tastes from all the Thai food out there.

Last Supper Art Gallery

The last supper was a meal depicted in the bible and a scene depicted by Leonardo Da Vinci. It is said that the scene portrays the reaction by each apostle at the moment when Jesus had said that one of them will betray him that night. You will notice that the 12 apostles have different reactions and are grouped into threes... The first group of three: Bartholomew, James, son of Alphaeus and Andrew are all are surprised. The next group of three are Judas Iscariot, Peter and John and have very varied expressions. Judas is the one carrying the small bag which may be the sack of silver given to him as a reward for the betrayal or a symbol for his position as treasurer of the group. Also to note is that he is the only one with an elbow on the table which traditionally us a sign of bad manners. Peter looks angry and is holding a knife pointed away from Christ, perhaps a preview to his violent reaction in Gethsemane during Jesus' arrest (he cuts a guards ear). The youngest apostle, John, appears to swoon. After Jesus (the centre of attention) there is another group of three: Thomas, James the Greater and Philip. Thomas is upset, James is stunned and Philip appears to ask for an explanation. Finally, Matthew, Jude Thaddeus and Simon the Zealot are in discussion, probably to ask if Simon has any answers.

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