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Spiking Drinks: Seen it in the Movies Already

You've seen in in Hollywood movies before, you've heard stories about it but yet it still happens. I guess the same goes with speeding: you've been caught before, you know there are speed cameras everywhere, but you still put the pedal to the metal. I saw someone caught speeding in my local area on my daily walk; the police car was an unmarked Ford XR7, fully tinted windows. You would never have seen it coming. Anyway, back to the topic: drink spiking. There's an ongoing court case about drink spiking in Sydney.

Tracey Vo was one vistim where she was at Pontoon Bar in Darling Harbour (Sydney) when two men bought her vodka. "I just wasn't seeing straight, and from that point, parts of the evening blacked out," she said. She remembers feeling "really, really, really drunk". The two men responsible had introduced themselves as Andy and Dylan from New Caledonia were in fact Chebli Djait, 37, of Peakhurst, and Adel Samadi, 29, of Belmore. This wasn't the only time they've done this: they've done it to nine women and three men with the motive of stealing their property, four were Japanese, two Korean, one Swiss, one Swedish, one from Perth, one from Adelaide and two from Sydney. They stole mobile phones, computer equipment, money, jewellery and various other items. What they had done was to spike her drink with an epilepsy drug, clonzepam.


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