Danielle Atkins: Price is Right: Nipple Slip

One of the Showcase Babes (Danielle Atkins) of Channel 9's Price Is Right lets Out with the Nipple Slip

How can Channel 9 put out a show that reveals Danielle Atkins nipple for a little over a half a second? Doesn't that sort of stuff end up on the cutting room floor? Even more surprising is that some dude actually was taping Price is Right, to create a screencap and post it up online. (That dude isn't me - hehe) Anyway, the Price is Right days are over. There was also controversial sacking of another showcase babe named "Samantha Steele" over posing for nude photos years before she was signed to do the Price is Right. Looks like ratings were the killer for the Price is Right and now it is being replaced by Bert Newton's Family Feud.

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Danielle Atkins: Price is Right: Nipple Slip
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